Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Know Your Rights

Have you, or a loved one, been seriously injured in a car accident or motor vehicle accident?

Often people are unaware of the benefits that are available to them, they might miss important timelines or sign off on a settlement without having had the benefit of the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer.  The consequences can be disastrous

We can ensure that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to.  We can help you obtain compensation for your losses. 

Every person who has been injured in a car accident or motor vehicle accident in Ontario is entitled to accident benefits even if they were a pedestrian, a cyclist or motorcyclist.

The impact that a car accident or motor vehicle accident has on our clients’ lives and those of their loved ones is traumatic and overwhelming.

We have the experience to manage your accident benefit claim, liaise with your medical treatment providers and aggressively pursue your claim for compensation against the individuals responsible.

When you walk through our doors you will receive personal attention from the lawyer that you have hired – your case will not be handled by anyone else.  We are available to answer your questions, no matter how small you think they might be.

Contact us to determine if you have a claim.  

Sandra will take clients on a contingency basis in appropriate circumstances.  This means that you will not be charged legal fees unless Sandra is able to obtain compensation for your losses.  The maximum contingency fee that Sandra will charge for personal injury claims is 33%.  The maximum contingency fee for accident benefit claims is 20%.